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Apr 15



VPNArea is a Bulgarian-based VPN provider protecting customers' right of privacy since 2012. VPN servers in over 40 countries powered by a minimum of 1 Gbps of high-speed Internet connection ensure quality streaming and downloads for our customers.

Strict No-Logs policy proven over 10 years of service gives our clients a piece of mind that their anonymity and privacy are our utmost priority.

Custom-made applications for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS are created with ease of use in mind.

The VPN servers in the network are optimised for P2P connections and the data centers we use have flexible DMCA policies, meaning that customers' favourite servers are here to stay.

Special unblocking servers in USA, Canada, Italy and UK will also give you access to regionally-blocked content of your favourite streaming platforms.

Our applications are created with the concept of ease of use, but for those looking to double down on security or advanced controls we also have features such as Killswitch, Anti-DNS Leak system, Traffic obfuscation, Tor over VPN, highly customisable settings like DNS/Port/Protocol options and more.

Apart from major debit and credit cards and PayPal we also accept over 5 different crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin and others.

Registration requires only basic details such as a country, email address and a password, keeping any personal details we keep to the very minimum.

VPNArea is not owned by the shady conglomerates who own most VPN companies, we are an independently owned VPN company.

Last, but not least, VPNArea offers if not the best, some of the best pricing on the VPN market on our 1-Year and 2-Year plans.

Don't take our word for it, we have a 30-Day Money-Back guarantee, you can try VPNArea risk free for a month.

"Thousands SUED for downloading for FREE, as legal action intensifies"

"Anti-Piracy Outfit Works With ISPs to Monitor Pirate Consumption"

"How People Are Caught Illegally Downloading Music, Movie Torrents"


Jan 1

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NEW DOMAiN for UK/AU, rlsbb . CC

Site is blocked by your ISP? Can't access RLSBB? Censored by your country, corporation, or campus? 

Get Cloudflare Warp VPN. It's FREE & Protects Your Privacy.

Oct 12

Tahiti 80 – The Sunshine Beat Vol. 1 (2018)


01. Let Me Be Your Story 03:40
02. Natural Reaction 03:15
03. Sound Museum 02:36
04. My Groove 02:38
05. Wonderboy 03:26
06. Hurts 04:26
07. To Anyone 03:16
08. Strung 03:34
09. Turning Point 03:29
10. Jokers 03:53

Release Name: Tahiti 80 – The Sunshine Beat Vol. 1 (2018)
Size: 81 MB
Genres: Indie Pop


Apr 29

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We are currently under heavy ddos attack and  the Tech Dept is looking into. pages loading slow and  pages poping up saying "Error 502", just refresh your pages and your page should come up.


Apr 11

The SD TV x264 Releasing Standards 2016

MKV is simply a CONTAINER, not a file type. MKV allows for multiple language files and multiple subtitles to be included in one CONTAINER so that only one release can serve many languages, eliminating the need for a file for each language to be uploaded and stored and made and shared.

That is the main reason and a secondary reason is they were simply waiting for stand alone devices such as BluRay players and Android boxes to have the necessary software to play the CONTAINER. Almost all MKV CONTAINERS contain an mp4 and an audio track and subtitles, whether CC or a language other than English. This will now make it much simpler for the people who encode files like I do to only have to make MKV format encodes. VLC is a much superior player than Windows Media player and can handle 99% of what ever is thrown at it. Hope this helps you to understand a little better. Now the smaller version of files can support multiple languages and subtitles in one container. It is being done for you the end user. Read more on below links...

The SD TV x264 Releasing Standards 2016




Mar 1

Reported Web Forgery! Fixed...

Well theres been hell of a days for us, as you may have seen our site got some problem in some pages.
To cut a long story short one cleaver (Hacker) found a way to make a CSRF attack somehow to find the Administrator password of this blog it was not successful and its been patched (thanks to wordpress developers).
Im 100% positive that attack was harmless and thats why it took us this long to report this here, all comments that contained this bug are now purged from blog and because it was a targeted attack you have nothing to worry about but if you see anything out of the ordinary please contact us.

And to all the haters ,thank you so much for your kind words we are trying are best not to disappoint anyone but at this scale its really hard to satisfy everyone.

read more about csrf attack